2Day with my Shrink

So there I am in “the chair”, cause the VA doesn’t have couches, talking to my Pyschologist this morning. He brings up what we talked about 2 weeks ago, my short & long term goals. You know what, I completely forgot to even think about them, I basically forgot about that as soon as I left our session that 2 weeks ago. I’m finding out that I forget about EVERYTHING these days, partially due to all my prescription medications, but mostly cause I don’t like to think, period. After that whole fiasco, he brings up what do I like to do? Writing, drawing, etc., I go on to tell him that I have a blog on WordPress, but I didn’t know if I still could get into the site anymore. That’s bullshit cause I am a perfectionist, & have all my usernames, passwords, pass phrases, & whatever else we use to get into sites, etc. I told him that I don’t know the last time I “blogged”, & that’s true, like I said, I’m really forgetful these days. Turns out I come home, go into the App Store, and re-install WordPress, plug in my details, & it’s been since April since I last blogged. So, I guess I will be “blogging” on a daily basis, cause it’s a good tool for me to get things out. This is like my shrink away from the VA Hospital. So until we meet again, I’m out.

If you need to contact me,

Email: orotybot@gmail.com
Twitter: TheBombinBirdie


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